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Team Contract


THE TEAM CONTRACT Players Name_________________________________________________ As your coach I promise to- 1.         Try to make practices and games as much fun as possible. 2.     Maintain a high level of safety during all activities. 3.    Teach the ideas of sportsmanship and respect for others at every opportunity. 4.   Help the team learn the game of baseball in the best way I know how. 5.  Willingly listen to all players, parents, coaches and umpires for their ideas (at the appropriate times). 6.   Follow the rules as set forth by Mt. Laurel Baseball. 7.   Never argue judgment calls with the umpire. (Discuss the rules yes, argue no.) Signed_________________________________________________

As a player I promise to- 1.     Try to have as much fun as possible while leaming and play� baseball. 2.   Always try as hard as I can. 3.  Pay attention to the coaches and do what I am told. 4. Always pay attention to the ball. 5.   Treat everybody on the field as I want to be treated. 6.   Not to argue with the umpire or coach. 7.  Always wear the proper safety equipment at practice and games. 8.   Cheer for my teammates, even when they are not doing great. Signed_________________________________________________

As a parent I promise to- 1.   Have fun watching my son and helping the team. 2.         Help my child enjoy playing the game. 3. Work with my child to improve his/her skills when time allows. 4.     Make sure my child is properly dressed and equipped for practices and games. 5.  Volunteer to help the team when time allows. 6.   Not argue in public with the coach. 7.   Never argue with the umpire�s calls. 8. Never yell discouraging remarks to any player. 9.  Cheer and encourage all players to do there best. 10.  Have my child at practices and games on time. 11.      Notify the coach if my child can not attend a practice or game. Signed_________________________________________________

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